we at Bel Gastro B.V. have gained confidence in the food supply of bars, restaurants, pizzerias, coffee shops, hotels

We specialize in the supply of food & beverage, in food supplies and beyond, we are flexible, dynamic, quality-conscious wholesalers, we have a spirit of initiative: we make things happen, we don't wait for them to happen.


the professional delivers

We supply restaurants, bars, pizzerias, hotels, supermarkets, ice cream parlors, butchers and in general the small, medium and large European food distribution with products that perfectly meet the needs of every restaurant reality.

we have a passion for good food, for superior quality wines and for products that improve our lifestyle.

This prompted us to discover the history behind each of our references, the places, the production methods, the choice of raw materials and the customs of tradition

selecting only those coming from quality production realities, to defend with strength the excellence and authenticity of the authentic ingredients and flavors


the taste of tradition

We interpret the dynamics of modern distribution by anticipating the needs of customers without neglecting the taste of tradition, intense and natural.

Food fresh meat, fish, salami, cheeses, desserts

Dry food, canned food, flour

fruit and vegetables for restaurants, bars and shops

Beers and soft drinks, mineral waters, fruit juices, spirits and spirits, wines



The products covered by the food supplies are the result of all the team's work, from the selection of each supplier.

To offer the highest production standard every day, thanks to the careful selection and continuous search for excellence.

The products are constantly traceable, thanks to the monitoring of each stage of processing.

Quality, safety, traceability, this is what we focus on and which we transform into the best products for the distribution of food supplies

Bar supplies

Bar supplies

With the aim of offering its customers an increasingly complete service, it has selected a very interesting variety of pleasant local discoveries.

classic and craft beers, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

mineral waters, fruit juices

liqueurs and spirits, fine wines

fruit and vegetables for restaurants, bars and shops


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Making independent entrepreneurs more successful in the long term - that's what drives Belgatro and always motivates us to achieve top performance.